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can we talk about Legolas in the back tho

I feel like I need to rewatch the entire series just focusing on Legolas.  




It’s worth it.

The best part of this post is Orlando Bloom literally had no idea what was going on 95% of the time. He said in an interview once that no one ever told him anything and he just stood in the back ground making faces.

I like to imagine that this is true of the character as well as his actor; Legolas is a bit of an airhead by elven standards, and he honestly hasn’t the slightest idea what’s going in during most of the scenes he appears in. He’s just cultivated a knack - through centuries of practice - for picking up just enough clues from context to make grand, vaguely apropos pronouncements at appropriate junctures, thus giving the impression that he’s a lot more tuned in than he really is. His internal monologue is something like:

“Oh, hell, they’re looking at me. I should probably say something - okay, how was that? Yeah, they’re all nodding; whew, bit of an arrow dodged there. Back to thinking about kittens…”

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